Tuesday, August 10, 2010

You See Him, Don't You?

I went to a Catholic High School. Got to be friends with some of the Franciscan priests who taught there. One of them was telling us about how in the 60s there were "outposts" of friar-friendly homes, usually owned by lonely elderly people, speckled throughout the country. Whenever priests would travel from state to state, rather than go to a hotel, the Franciscan order would seek out those outposts and the friars would end up staying with one of those elderly folks.

So two of the guys were crossing the country in a car and had scheduled a stay at one of these homes. It was night and a storm was brewing. They arrive at a massive run-down home. A tiny old lady greets them and shows them around. She's the only resident. She takes them to the kitchen and they fix themselves something to eat. They sit with her in the dining room to finish their sandwiches. The storm is going strong at this point and the one Friar hears a noise in the house. He turns to look at the other Friar and the old lady screams "YOU SEE HIM, DON'T YOU?!!!"

Image by mats_60.

He actually didn't see anyone, but the old lady informed them that her deceased son was also a tenant there and that he often appeared to her outside of her bedroom window.

He said they didn't sleep well that night, and that they left all the lights on from the kitchen all the way to their bedrooms on the other side of the big old house.


Cabrina said...

The clergy always has GREAT ghost stories!

Mr. Chicken said...

that's such an awesome story