Friday, October 15, 2010

The City Of Lost Children

Third Rail Projects' Steampunk Haunted House is back. And this time we have an insider (a follower of this blog, so that makes her an insider) who is their official documentarian - giving us a unique look at the evolution of the haunt, through her beautiful photography and in-depth blog entries.

Thanks, K.O. It's really cool you're a part of this.
I'll check in regularly to see what they're up to.

Third Rail Projects blog (where you'll find K.O.'s updates)



Pam Morris said...

I adore steampunk and would LOVE to see this...fascinating take on the haunted house theme. thanks for sharing.

Sara said...

I love how kids over 8 can attend, when does that ever happen with a haunt you know?

We need more classy haunts!

K.O. said...

Thank you so much, Rot. It is truly an honor to be mentioned on your blog!!!

Rot said...

A pleasure. This looks really neat. And your entries are really detailed. I love that.