Saturday, October 23, 2010

Vote For Haunted Overload

Haunted Overload is a part of MTV's Clutch Blog's featured haunted attractions. If you get a chance, go vote for it (not sure what the winner gets - but bragging rights would be cool).

Click below:


Dio said...

Haunted Overload is well in the lead!

We're going to one of the Midwest region's votes tonight - Dent Schoolhouse.
I'll be screaming like a little girl while my better-half laughs at me.

Der Krampus said...

looks like the Haunted Overload is going to sweep the north-east competition!

The Gill-Man said...

I voted! Looks like Haunted Overload is DESTROYING the competition so far!

Denny said...'s a few miles from where i live ...getting good response
spooky area

Jon Glassett said...

Vote cast. Haunted Overload deserves to win hands down.

Rob said...

F that poll.. and the idiots there.

I just went to this poll.. and the NYC thing somehow blasted everyone out of the water.. and by somehow I mean someone started script voting. Then I noticed most of the people commenting or trash talking all joined on the same day.

It looks like some haunter in NYC is sad their haunt sucks.

Grats to Haunted Overload, clearly the best listed in my opinion. =)