Thursday, January 6, 2011


Thanks, Randy!


Jay's Shadow said...

Looks very cool. I would also like to see the movie "The Rite".....demon possession films interest me for some reason.

Rot said...

Yeah, I'm excited Carpenter is back at horror. I wish he scored it though.

I just saw a trailer for The Rite tonight. Looks good.

The Last Exorcism is On Demand...we're going to rent it this weekend.

Sara said...

This image gave me a chill.

I second your thoughts, Rot. Also, The Rite looks great. Anthony Hopkins plays evil so, soooo well.

I think we saw The Last Exorcism. May or may not have been good. All of the exorcism movies I see run together in a big blur, lol. Except Emily Rose. That one stands out.

Anonymous said...

As a fellow horror fan I feel I must warn you about the atrocity called the last exorcism. Horrible. Don't waste your time.