Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Now Playing: Time

Powerful cue from the Inception soundtrack, by Hans Zimmer.

Click below:


Anonymous said...

Hans Zimmer & JNH are the best.

Rot said...

And James Horner : )

It's odd, in Soundtrack Collecting circles, Hans Zimmer is treated like White Zinfandel in the world of sommeliers.

I never understood that. His scores always deliver.

Anonymous said...

Yep and I forgot Harry Gregson Williams..I like his stuff too.

Every time I hear something from Hans I say he cant top that..then he does.

Oh and I have a pic from Halloween night you might get a kick out you have an email add for the site?

Rot said... : )

Vintage Seance said...

Hans Zimmer is amazing! Inception was fabulous too, I was so bummed that Christopher Nolan was not nominated for best director though :(