Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Curse Of Cornstalk

Click below:

And click here for more information.


Steve said...

Cool beans.

Rot said...

We just got done watching it on Netflix instant play.

2.5 hours. Pretty extensive look at the phenomena.

A highly recommended doc.

Steve said...

I'll have to have it, naturally. I still have ideas how the book can be done cheaply through simple "moving comic" animation.

Have you ever considered doing a mothman prop?

Rot said...

It even featured a lot on Indrid Cold, something I've always felt deserved more attention.

I have a sketch in a pad of my version of the mothman...for a future photoshoot. I don't normally give that kind of stuff away, but I'm all hyped up on mothman tonight.

Marrow said...

I'd love to see a PumpkinRot mothman!

BTW, is that a new photoshoot you have as a header? I don't recognise the front zombie... It looks fantastic.

Rot said...

We took two props to an abandoned greenhouse this weekend.

That front zombie is a groundbreaker that'll be on the shop in August, along with a few others. I grabbed him last minute to take with us.