Monday, August 15, 2011

Feeney's Halloween 2011

Hit up a favorite store yesterday - Feeney's.
Always an incredible display of decorations.


Autumnleaf said...

Oh man I have to find one of those sinister hanging pumpkin heads. Do you think they sell online?

Rot said...

Not sure if they sell online.
And I haven't seen them elsewhere.
But maybe they do.

pensive said...

It is so unfair that you get all the good stores, and I am stuck here in glittery hell.


Jason-v said...

Wow!! Detail detail detail!!! I love it!!

Sam Kadi said...

I really love the pics from the cool stores, I dont think we have any like that out here in Denver. BTW Rot, have you ever thought about putting together a miniature Halloween village? There are some really cool ones on youtube. I love how they create a whole village, completely over the top. I remember a few posts of yours that had some mini villages and that got me thinking about it. Not enough time/Cash for that hobby right now though.

Rot said...

Probably won't be doing the miniature thing. But I love to observe them and fully appreciate when people go all-out with them.

Feeney's has an enormous room in the back with a GIANT Christmas village display...with the Halloween one off to the side.

Anonymous said...

Another, relatively, local store I never knew about! Thanks, I'll have to head down there one of these days. It looks like they've got some really cool stuff.

Otaku said...

I am so jealous. We don't get stores like this in the SF Bay Area. Maybe there are a couple of obscure places out in the valley, but nothing near me, and I've LOOKED for them.
The closest we get is Michael's, I guess, and Michael's is, well, Michael's.
And what's with the glitter skulls, anyway?

Marrow said...

My pumpkin from your Etsy shop arrived today! He is AMAZING, I love him so much (and I named him Merlin). The packaging was beautiful, and the extra goodies were awesome!

A plastic bag from 'Feeneys' was stuffed into the bottom of the box to stop things from banging around. Cool :)

I wonder what sort of Halloween goodies were stuffed into that bag and unloaded at your house before it ended up at mine. There was a Walgreens bag in there too, and I picture it filled to the brim with those awesome plastic skulls.

I get excited over the weirdest things :)

Willow Manor said...

Hey Rot..what town is this shop in? I'm in the Poconos and would love to take a ride down and visit this place!!

Rot said...

This is in Feasterville, PA.

the website has directions.