Sunday, August 28, 2011


Something like an albatross around the neck. No. More like a millstone. A plumbing stone. By God. Damn them all.

Blake, The Fog

Image by pageofbats.

Screw you, Irene.
Pardon the French, but there it is.


MorbidMariah said...

Did you get through it okay, Rot? House, Bean, your kitty, and all your cool H'ween stuff intact?

The Captain said...

Your posting so I assume the two of you have survived Irene? Hope you both are unscathed and the new house is Ok.

Rot said...

We took on a ton of water in the old basement.

Going to have to get a sump pump.

We had prepped and moved everything upstairs thankfully, so it could have been way worse. Especially after watching the news, so we're thankful it was only water and nothing else.

Kitty slept on the couch..unaware of the chaos : )

NoahFentz said...

Hope you water proofing the basement held up Mr.Rot. We are one of the few people on the street that does not get water in our basement....I kinda new that there was a chance we get something. It was about eight full shop vacs....not bad. It could have been worse. I heard worse. The most amazing was that we had power thru the whole thing. There were parts of town out....

Hope everything went well with you and Ms. Bean.

Rot said...

It's funny, the waterproofing held up amazingly, but it forced the water table to find other ways in.
Including up through the floor.

Yeah, the power. Most of our area was without power since 11PM saturday and they're still out. We had power the entire time...thankfully we were running two utility pumps during the worst of it at midnight. Had the power been out, I have no idea how deep it would have gone.

Feeling lucky. Life's such a crap shoot.

ShellHawk said...

Glad you both (and kitty!) are doing alright. I was worried about you guys!

Rot said...

Thanks : )

We can handle our snow...but rain, forget it.