Monday, September 26, 2011

Paranormal Witness: Producer Interview

Episode six, which we’re editing at the moment, is a story of demonic possession and it’s absolutely extraordinary. Again, on the face value you think, “My goodness, this can’t be true,” except in this case it’s corroborated by six people including the chief of police of the town in which it happened. It really is an incredibly creepy, extraordinary story of demonic possession, so you’d better look out for that one.

One of our stories, the Trumbull UFO Chase, tells how a 911 dispatch office in Ohio was completely inundated with calls from the townspeople seeing bright lights in the sky. A number of police officers then wound up chasing this unidentified flying object around the county. That entire incident was recorded over the Trumbull County police dispatch 911 records offices, so that type of archival, factual basis features very heavily in our show. Likewise, if photographs have been taken of poltergeist activity we make sure that those are cut into the films to give it that extra layer of credibility.

We have a really broad range of stories. Some are real rollercoaster rides and shock-a-minute like “The Haunting of Mansfield Mansion,” which I think is probably the scariest of all of the stories. Others are supernatural tear jerkers like “Haunted Highway,” and some are really just kind of overwhelmingly fascinating, such as the “Trumbull County UFO Chase.”

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Aron said...

Hey if you're interested in the Trumbull County UFO case there was an Art Bell interview where he played the tapes in their entirety. It's floating around the interwebs and it's fantastic!