Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Post Mortem

Been watching Mick Garris' Post Mortem on Fearnet OnDemand.
Really digging it too.

My personal favorites have been his interviews with Wes Craven, Robert Englund, Frank Darabont, and Rick Baker.

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Sara said...

Rambling ahead....

I watched two of the teaser vids they had up. Wes and John. The only two I was interested in and then I saw below Tobe Hooper is coming, wooooot.

Very interesting. Wes' interview info I have heard again and again, but it's always fun to have him explain Freddy and the idea behind him. Wes is one of those guys I want to have over for dinner. My husband and I have a list of famous people we'd invite over to kick it with us, lol. He's on the list. I dunno why, exactly. But his interviews are fun.

John Carpenter is so damn intimidating. He knows his stuff. Mick, rightfully, looked scared, lol. I also appreciated John's comments on making sure that gore serves the plot.....

P.S. I wanted to swat that damn hat off of Rob Zombie and tell him to cut his hair,lol. STOP MAKING BABY JESUS AND JOHN CARPENTER CRY WITH YOUR CRAP REMAKES.

That is all. :)

Rot said...

I was so pumped about Carpenter's and it left me miserable.

I felt he just didn't want to be there, that he felt his career was over and looking back over his own career I felt he was too complainy and grumpy about it, stating "that was soooo hard....soooo hard...."

Just didn't seem as inspiring as the other directors (though he MUST get tired answering the same questions over and over and over again).

I couldn't bring myself to watch the Rob Zombie one...I was surprised he was even included in that line-up.

Rick Baker left me feeling like a kid again, making tiny stop-motion movies.

Sara said...

He definitely seemed like he was tired of it all. Cutting Mick off mid sentence because hell, he knew what the guy was gunna ask before he asked it I'm sure. I felt sad that he seemed so...done. The way he was in this interview reminded me of how he was in the interviews about Halloween II. How he had to force himself to finish the script and did so with a six pack of beer, just to get through it, or something like that.

It is definitely depressing when he's tired and disappointed-sounding about the movies that we love so much.

I will take a look at Rick Baker's next, cool.

bean said...

Carpenter needed someone to put him down for his afternoon nap.

Darabont was my fav.

Sara said...


Jeff in Pgh said...

I've become somewhat acquainted with Tom Savini over the last few years, at least whenever he needs me anyway...and he says of Carpenter that he's still riding that halloween/the thing wave, has cashed it in and expects the masses to kneel before Zod and kiss his brilliant ass for decades old work.

...which is kinda what tom does.