Friday, October 7, 2011

Bright Flickering LEDs

Easy how-to on creating a flickering LED much brighter than those available in stores.

Click the angry squash:

Thanks, Rene!


Jay's Shadow said...

That is so cool. But the batteries can be kind of pricey. (unless of course I'm just not looking hard enough)

Rot said...

Ew...I had assumed they'd be dirt cheap.

Spencer said...

Thats a great idea. LEDs can be found at radio shack for less than .75 cents and the batteries are around $ 3.00 for a pack of two.

Nathan Roberts said...

I bought the LEDs, and tried it with a battery I had laying around while I"m waiting for the recommended battery to arrive. It was NOWHERE near as bright as shown in this video.. I hoping the battery is the cause, but I suspect this is not the case.