Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Statement of Elizabeth Anne Frayley
October 29, 1962

I saw the commotion. A few children throwing rocks at something small and cornered. I'd had it out for them since they smashed my azalea bush last spring, and I figured they found a grounded bird, so I headed over there to stop them. But it was a tiny person. A person!
Like you and me. But four inches high! They were throwing stones at her. I grabbed the tallest boy's wrist before he could throw another rock. But they killed her. Can you imagine that? A tiny person. And they killed her.

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Pam Morris said...

I can well imagine--unfortunately.

Marie Roget said...

Gorgeous Rackham illustration- I'm a huge fan.

Like Pam Morris, though, I can well imagine the heedless cruelty of ill-taught children in such a circumstance....

Five of US said...

The things they could have learned from that tiny person. And instead, they killed the golden goose.