Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Thing Reunion Screening

October 13, 2011

Cast and crew members recount their personal insights and recollections with host Drew McWeeny of Hitfix.com. Confirmed guests include Producer David Foster, Matte Photographer Bill Taylor, renowned movie poster artist Drew Struzan, who will be displaying his original one-sheet artwork from The Thing, and many more to be announced. A spectacular display of original props, production artwork and memorabilia from both the 1951 version and the 1982 remake, gathered exclusively for this event. Commemorative program book created especially for this event with photos and commentary. Special limited edition screen print illustrated by comic book artist Tommy Lee Edwards. —and much more!

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Thanks, Randy!


Sara said...

I just saw this yesterday on creaturefeatures.com. Just discovered it's in my neck of the woods. Glad you posted this!

Anonymous said...

Jeremy said: Thanks to both of you for the heads up, just bought two tickets!!!

Arcane said...

I would SO love to attend this. If only it was a few thousand miles closer. Hope everyone going has a blast.