Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Ship Of Ghouls

Images from the Skagget Media blog.


Adam said...


So due to complete lack of business at my job I have taken the time during the past two days to go back and check out all of the art related posts you have put up on the blog. Not only do you and I happen to have really similar tastes ( Dan Danger, Dan Mcarthy and such) , but you have also introduced me to TONS of great dark artists through the blog. Have you seen Tom Whalens Great Pumpkin print? It's amazing!
Im a huge screen print collector and am trying to snag a ton of Halloween related ones before October . You have been extremely helpful. Especially with getting through these crap summer months. just wanted to say thanks for the bit of fall hope that the blog provides in crummy 90 degree weather.

Rot said...

Hey Adam,
Happy to hear it. Just googled the great pumpkin by Whalen. Love it...never saw that before. I think he did a Trick 'r Treat image in the past...on Mondo.


Adam said...

I know right! Im trying to save up the rediculous asking price and buy one. Also the Trick R Treat print was released by Mondo, not sure it's Whalen though. You can get it relativly cheap at phantomcitycreative.com . Im definitely on that one. also google Aaron Horkey and Vania Zouravliov's Dracula print. That is pure genius . I spent way to much on it, and probably even more to frame it properly. But its pure genius. Hope ya dig it


Wikkedmoon said...

Wow, the Great Pumpkin one takes me back to my childhood. It's required TV viewing every Halloween.

Jay's Shadow said...

Love the one with the cart being pulled by a spider....