Monday, August 6, 2012


On March 1, Sarah Goode, Sarah Osborne, and Tituba, an Indian slave from Barbados, became the first Salem residents to be charged with the capital crime of witchcraft. Later that day, Tituba confessed to the crime and subsequently aided the authorities in identifying more Salem witches. With encouragement from adults in the community, the girls, who were soon joined by other "afflicted" Salem residents, accused a widening circle of local residents of witchcraft, mostly middle-aged women but also several men and even one four-year-old child. During the next few months, the afflicted area residents incriminated more than 150 women and men from Salem Village and the surrounding areas of satanic practices.

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Amy said...

Rot, thank you for making Monday morning's somewhat bearable. Love the pic of the cat laying with the skeletons.

This Pa weather has got to break..soon.

Rot said...

My pleasure : )

And yeah, it HAS to break. I think this is the first year where the summer heat is slowing me down with the props.
September and October are going to be a crazy mad dash.

And it had BETTER cool off in September...

Amy said...

I remember October being much cooler when I was younger. I am actually going to go back and track the past 30 Halloweens (15 mins outside of Philly) to see if this is true or if it is selective memory.

I also want to see when the last perfect Halloween was. Last year was pretty close, high of 56 degrees @ 3pm dropping into the 40's just past 7...could have used a bit more wind though.

Rot said...

yeah, last year was a great temp.
though that came with that weird snow storm the day before. Crazy.

Post those findings here! I'm curious about that.

Amy said...

So here are my tracking fields. Layout will be excel file.



7PM TEMP; 7PM WIND SPEED; 7PM CONDITIONS ie Clear, Overcast etc.

This should be pretty cool...

Jay's Shadow said...

We better have PERFECT Halloween weather this year. I love snow, just not in October.

Maybe I need to make a whole yard full of skull totums....