Thursday, August 2, 2012

Yankee 2012 Highlights

Pumpkin Potion:
A special Halloween Potion cooked up just for you! Nutmeg-spiced pumpkin bread with a twist . . . fresh vanilla, bits of orange and maple syrup. Yum!Web Exclusive.

Black Cauldron Brew:
Scary good . . . a hauntingly perfect potion of black licorice with anise and cloves.
Web Exclusive [I'm all over this one.]

Toxic Tonic:
A special combination of delicious Vanilla Pumpkin and the tartness of Granny Smith.


Countess VonRauber (Heidi) said...

Mmmm... Black Cauldron Brew sounds amazing! I'm guessing that web exclusive means that it won't be in stores :( Bummer. I'd love to smell it before purchasing.

Amy said...

Sounds like the were listening to you on the Black Cauldron Brew. My only fear is it will be 80% black licorice.

Hopefully its a good sign that its a web exclusive..maybe it too over the top for the general public!

Rot said...

Just ordered it. Blind faith.
Hopefully it's as amazing as it sounds.

Wonder why they aren't taking a chance with it in their stores.

Countess VonRauber (Heidi) said...

OoOoO! I'll be looking forward to your review of it :)

Colleen said...

Just ordered Black Cauldron Brew.. I'm kinda ticked I had to spend $5 in shipping all because they've deemed it a "web exclusive." What gives? Ah well, dummkopfs got me. I ordered the skeleton crew Skull jar holder to make the $5 ship worth it.

The Captain said...

I love your tags! I hide little comments in mine too. Real men love candles.

MorbidMariah said...

Yes me too! VERY curious and tempted by the Black Cauldron Brew.

217 said...

...I will try to contain my giddiness.
(even though we all dig Halloween all year) now it's only 3 months away! it's coming! And now all the stores are on board! I said giddy like a small child! :)

Love the decor posts! And definitely will be checking in to see a review of BCB candle!

Do you remember the name of that store, I want to say in Colorado or Kansas (that's a range, sorry) ...had real chic Halloween "opening night" for their clientele...they have a blog and you usually mention them every year. I'm itching to see some more store stuff, but I can't remember any names!

Keep up the awesome postings! :)
(...drooling over everything like an addict!)

Rot said...

Was it The Curious Sofa?

217 said...

Thanks man!! :)