Thursday, July 3, 2014

Bone Rattling Ride Of Terror

Great Old School commercial for Akron's Haunted Schoolhouse and Laboratory.

Click below:
And click here for their site.

Thanks, HalloweeNut!


Jay's Shadow said...


And you posted at 4:30 am? That's a first.

Rot said...

The cat refused to stop screaming.
I tried to ignore her...but she banshee-screamed. It was horrid.

Jay's Shadow said...


bean said...

So much fun.

girl6 said...

Holy Hell, LOVE it!!.
it's SO Homey, a forgotten ART.
Nice (disappearing) effects too.

HalloweeNut said...

Anytime, Rot. This commercial (aired on TV when I was growing up) was one of my first exposures to haunting. It, along with the 7 Floors of Hell in Cleveland, became this mythical, silence-inducing topics in my household. Like it was one of those things we "just don't talk about". Which just made even cooler.