Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Phantom Of The Paradise


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Jay's Shadow said...

Holy crap! That would be awesome to see on stage.

Hallowaltz said...

Tomorrow night in Philly..

I f'n LOVE this movie. The soundtrack is fantastic.

girl6 said...

yesterday, "Scream Factory", released a 40th Anniversary, Special Edition, SUPER Duper Deluxe issue to celebrate this cult classic.
i think it's STILL somewhat of an Underrated gem tho!

i agree with Guillermo del Torro
& Edgar Wright when they say, it's Genius!!

Jessica Harper of "Suspiria" fame Not only stars in the film but does her own singing as well & her voice is Lovely!
the soundtrack is SO Amazing & written by Paul Williams.

Ohhhh & on the NEW release,
Guillermo actually has a chat session with Paul Williams!!!. GRAND is that!.<3

here's some info i stole:
Winslow Leach (William Finley) is a musician and songwriter hoping to make it big, but his efforts to get his work noticed by the infamous producer and personality, Swan (Paul Williams), results in trouble. Swan hears, loves, and steals Winslow’s music leaving the artist deranged and badly burned in the process, but Winslow returns behind a mask to wreak havoc on the man’s hot new club. Toss in a thief of another kind, a dame named Phoenix (Jessica Harper) who steals Winslow’s heart, and the stage is set for tragedy.

It’s Phantom of the Opera meets Faust, part comedy and part musical, and it had to have been clear from the outset that it was not going to find a home with general audiences. It also has some not so subtle critiques for both sides of the entertainment industry, from the selfish cruelties of corporate interests to talent who are accepting of it all in search of fame of fortune. The message never gets in the way of the zaniness or the musical numbers though.

THANKS SO Much Rot for getting this out there!!!.. :):):)

girl6 said...

Yes!!..!that's a great idea.
LIVE on stage.

Willow Cove said...

I remember this! Scared the hell out of me.

girl6 said...

By time we got home home last night, it was like 9:30. :(
we SO woulda gone to see this in Clark Park & i hear the sound is Amazing there!
we did whip out the blu.ray & watch it at home instead....OMG...say what you will about De Palma, but, his ONE shots & HAND HELD tracking shots (that are TOTALLY in FOCUS as he runs along by the way )are ART..REAL DEAL man, that MOFO, ain't NO hack, he's a Straight Up GRAND MASTER.

this has got me wanting to watch "Body Double" now
&" Blow Out" too...yeah, a Nice italiano american boy makin Giallos!. <3

he went to school in Philly
just like David Lynch & Joe Dante

Oh & Sissy Spacek is listed on the "Phantom credits" as being the set dresser for the movie...i NEVER realized that before.. :D

& FUNNY...last night as i was watching the Phantom...i kept thinking about the reds, etc, which are so Suspiria & i was like, heyyy wait--Phantom was made First!.

OH How i LOVE this film!!!.

P.S...& Hallsy..YOU are the Official Ambassador to Philly!
i had NO idea that "Wooder Ice" site even existed..
THANK YOU!!!.. <3

girl6 said...

&&& THANK YOU Rot, for letting me Screammmmmmmm about this movie.
Thanks. :):):)