Sunday, December 14, 2014

New Dance With The Dead

Getting released tomorrow.


Joel said...

Man, these guys are machines! This will be their fourth album in a year and a half. Can't wait.

Love that cover art.

Rot said...

yeah..loving that they just churn this stuff out..and that it's all awesome.

Dying for this one..keep checking in on their FB page for an update.

Hoping it's available soon.

Joel said...

Heh, yeah I'm sitting at work refreshing their Bandcamp every few minutes on my phone.

Did you hear their rendition of Carol of the Bells? Just found this today.

Rot said...

I love it.
we check their soundcloud/facebook constantly each week.
loved that Freddy cover too.

Rot said...

It's available now.
Going to buy it tonight when I get home.
Can't listen at work.. stupid outdated browser.