Friday, April 17, 2015

Dawn Of Justice


Amy said...

I dunno. Bat looks cool, but still have a bad taste in my mouth from Man of Steel. Soundtrack should be good.

Thoughts on Star Wars trailer?

Damian Michael AKA HalloweeNut said...

So cool. Cannot wait to see this!

But I still don't understand casting Ben Affleck as Batman. Really? Did no one remember the disaster that was DareDevil?

Rot said...

I'm worried as well.
I really didn't care much for Man of Steel. I thought he made a great superman, but I didn't care for anyone in the film...their safety...or anything.
Very chaotic and "big Hollywood" with no soul/heart.

Rot said...

I'm not sure how i feel about the Star Wars film/trailer. It hit all the right notes, but I'm very worried about seeing characters that shaped my childhood (pathetic statement)appearing in a big hollywood film packed with CG and processed through filters of test audiences and young producers who never saw the original films.


Jay's Shadow said...

I'm in favor of Batman.

I agree with Halloweennut, really not crazy with having Ben Affleck as Batman.

Terrormaster said...

Totally with ya Rot. I like Superman. It was the rest of the movie that just didn't sit well with me. WB is really trying too hard to make the DCU dark. And that shows even more with BvS.

I wasn't sure about Afleck as bats though. But on the Bats side of things I feel like he and the trailer nailed it. But everything feels like they're playing Supes up as a villain. Just doesn't give me any desire to even watch it on Netflix much less the big screen.

Willow Cove said...

I agree with you Rot. I have tried so watch Man of Steel several times and it still bothers me how they changed everything.

Leave the riding of dinosaurs to the Hoff.

Rot said...


girl6 said...

idk about Ben. he can be worrying.
but i have decided to be Hopeful. : D
& bats still needs a throat lozenge i see. hahahha

DareDevil was horrible. Ben was totally miscast. plus, Alias was running around wearing a pushup, trying to be Electra. i think we need more ladies like Ava Green (from 300 "rise of an empire") to kick some superhero booty on the big screen.

speaking of 300 (the first one..) i really like Zack Snyder a lot. & i take a few good things away with me from his Man of Steel, other than the wonderful soundtrack. Harry Cavill is pretty Super! i liked the angle of Superman becoming Clark Kent instead of Clark becoming Supes. & i've always had a problem with the Lois Lane character in general. she's like a gold digging, i only date the lead singer of a band, kinda girl. she could care less about Clark cause he's not cool enough. yet, she's ALL gaga for this Flashy alien from another planet!!. & how buffoony is the whole, she doesn't know Clark is Supes. & Clark is NO better either, he eats all her poop up with a giant spoon. ugghhhh..those 2 are SO ditsy, they kinda gag me. anyway, i liked that Amy Adams was a Lois, i could be proud of & not embarrassed by. she was her own woman & one woth saving too. i don't mind too much about all the set destruction. even the Powerpuff Girls ended up taking their fight to the moon!!...hahaha..i love those girls, that scene & the movie too!!. hmmmm...i think Man of Steel coulda done without the whole Krypton opening. & Russell Crowe is so forgettable anymore. i suppose the L.A. Confidential & The Insider days are lonnnng over. :(

& now that i think about it, Ben Affleck has kinda played Supes too, when he starred as George Reeves in that Hollywoodland film.

P.S...i Love You Clark.
i would pick you over Supes anyday!!!..<3