Tuesday, April 21, 2015




Willow Cove said...

Sounds interesting......
Though its not popular, I like his style.
He focuses on telling a story....

Rot said...

yeah. i'm totally in.

girl6 said...

M...is a MASTER Storyteller. Always was.
Always will be.

His Unbreakable is the BEST unveiling of a comic book/superhero story evvvvvvvvvvvverrrrr. he blends the worlds of the everyday with the super perfectly!...<333333

he's VERY soulful.
& that's nor for the mediocre.

girl6 said...

my favorite Unbreakable line quote,

"I should've known way back when, You know why, David?
Because of the kids.
They called me Mr Glass"

&Thank You Mr. Samuel Jackson for such a wonderful delivery.<333333

Rot said...

agreed. And the way he delivers those lines. wow.

Jay's Shadow said...

Yeah, I always enjoy his works . Very good story teller.

Unbreakable was a great one.

Sara said...

I absolutely love M.Night. He really can do no wrong even when we does. He's like the baby of the family. :)

This is awesome news. He should've steered clear of The Last Airbender. Just stuck to horror and what he does best. Can't wait for the trailer. AWESOME teaser poster. Sounds like the trailer comes out tomorrow! :) Between this, and Star Wars and Jurrassic Park I'm way excited!

girl6 said...

awwwww & yassss baby Manoj...<3

so many different movies to be excited about. i am SO sad tho that "Heart of the Sea" got pushed alllll the wayyyyyy back to December. it was totally done & ready to be released in March. Carl thinks, they're maybe wanting to release it as close to award season as possible. either way, the preview we saw in the theatre was SO lovely & spooky. sigh