Thursday, April 30, 2015



highbury said...

GAH! I was just about to post this! Another beautiful vinyl release going into the collection for sure!

bean said...

Can't. Wait.

girl6 said...

i'll get my walleto out!!...<333

hey, is it just me or does that devil embryo resemble, *the star baby" Dave. you know from 2001?

hahahha..i'm remembering when we were talking about Udo Kier & you thought i meant Keir Dullea & we were both confused...hahahaa

& then bean came along, "i love that movie".
& you said, "you felt like a boob"
: D

p.s...& Carlito is actually signing Tenebre to me right now.. he LOVES doing the peter frampton part!!!..HAHAHA

Rot said...

It totally does.
I remember that : )