Saturday, April 30, 2016

KRAMPUS Sighting

Thanks, girl6!


Jay's Shadow said...

HA. Krampus right beside Lords of Salem.

Soon you will be hanging out with Rob Zombie.

Rot said...

i'm quite the party animal, so this would be splendid.

Rot said...

if not swell.

girl6 said...

so exciting to see all the new releases at fye on tuesdays. on the racks in front of the store is where they place all the NEW movies & music. then back in the stacks (the permanent homes) they display a newbie on the shelves next to all the other older films. soooo K...L...equals instant cocktail party between Rob Z & Rot. : D

i thought about doing a staged layout for a second. hahahha.. like bring mr. jones over or snap a pic of the gigante life size Batman with a copy of Krampus stuffed into his utility belt. But....decided to go with the natural habitat instead, didn't want to tamper with that. Plus...Lords of Salem has such beautiful cover art, sooooo Bingo. : D