Monday, April 11, 2016

The Hill Abduction

Image source.

Dying from fright would be:
1. Welcomed.
2. Preferred.


Jay's Shadow said...

I would bum rush them just so they would fry me immediately.

girl6 said...

is there anything more scary than that "fire in the sky" movie?!?!
good lord, scares me right outta my body every time!!!!!

Rot said...

pretty much the definitive spooky abduction film.

I'm PRAYING for one about that Alegash Incident...

girl6 said...

Yesss!! i hope so too.
ahhhhh the 70's man. nothing quite like em since.
& i think men should BE very afraid leaving the house & going on weekend outdoorsy things with their buddies. cause, good god does it ever get ugly!!!!