Friday, September 9, 2016

Halloween Hot Sauce

One of the earliest memories I have of Halloween blogging, and the Halloween online community in general, was of Haunted Hot Sauce.  I just checked and I have a blog entry about them back in 2008.  Great guys who love Halloween...  and make really great hot sauce.  Terrific products with wonderful designs.

I can totally understand and fully appreciate their horror when they spotted hot sauce being sold at Target which looked enragingly similar to their product designs.

Just wanted to share, and to re-promote their website and great products.

Here's a side-by-side comparison made by

And click here for their site.

Sorry this happened to you guys.


Colleen said...

It's one of my biggest fears of sharing anything of mine on the Internet.. Because this stuff can & does happen. Im actually really surprised I haven't seen anything pumpkinrot-esque pop up in GrandinRoad's Halloween catalog. Shitty people browse through ideas and take what they want. Hell, I heard of a story, either last year or the year before of some guy stealing pictures off of a service, changing them a bit, blowing them up and then hanging them up in a gallery to be sold for big money!! Once he was found out, he was taken to court and fortunately.... He lost. But still..... Uuuuuugh. The Internet can be a scary place... But what can you do? :-/

Rot said...

I'm always amazed at the folk who have the thinking "well, you kinda deserve it for putting it out on the internet." No...we don't deserve it.

Scurrilous! said...

Thank you Rot for helping us spread the word regarding this!

The October boy said...

Thanks for posting this, I had conversations with Victor many years ago (about building the little coffins) and I thought he was getting out of the business- but much to my happiness he has not....time to order some hot sauce!

Sara said...

And the copied versions always ALWAYS look like crap. Thanks for shedding light on this, I wouldn't have known otherwise.

Johnny said...

I think these are the same people who sold Undead Hot Sauce back in the day. I say that because it came in the same little coffin, which is fantastic.
I loved the sauce, think I'll go order some now. Thanks for reminding me.

Terrormaster said...

Rot, I think Colleen spoke too soon. I was in a couple different Spirit Halloween stores today - one in a standalone plaza and another inside the mall while the family shopped. On the first trip I ran into a ground breaker that bared an incredible resemblance to one of your earlier pieces. I managed to snap a pic of it thinking I could find it later on their site but no luck. And it wasn't in the shop in the mall. I should have taken a pic of the tag around it's neck which probably had the actual name and barcode on it. Anyways, here's the pic I took:

Rot said...

I've seen that one before and always wondered if someone based it on this link:

Terrormaster said...

Yup, that's the one I was thinking of when I saw this. It was like they did a clay mock up of your piece and mass produced it. Not sure what it was going for but they'll get none of my cash for this one that's for sure. Would rather buy direct from the master or try and do it myself before giving them any money. But it looked cheap. It's a pure grey rubber prop. No shading or anything.

Tom said...

This sort of thing has been happening for years to the haunt community. It's time to put an end to it! I won't buy anything from Target this Halloween season and I suggest others do the same!

girl6 said...

this is so hurtful. it's plain & it's's Identity Theft.
i see it everywhere. there are people out there, who think it is TOTALLY ok to go online & dig around, looking for whatever catches their fancy so they can STEAL & call it their own. this is wrong on so many different levels. creating, comes from people's hearts & personal experiences & to steal or borrow from someone else's personality is dirty & sucha X.rated thing to do. do your OWN thing.

it's funny how "most" all pics online look the same now. & that's because of the people out there rifling thru other people's pics solely for the purpose of "getting ideas"..when what they're really doing is dipping into someone else's personality, taking what they want & meshing it in with their work. well, that's identity theft right there. why do you want to be someone else?

"most" everything (new) i read anymore, is just a rip off of other writers. everyone wants to draw from that dark well of.."sad is happy for deep people" omg...i can hardly take any newer writing that i read seriously at all.

perfect ex of stealing::or maybe it was only borrowing..HAHAHAHAHHA.
No way in hell did Harper Lee pen "To Kill A Mockingbird" & on the slight chance that she did..wellllll, how horrible would that be, cause that would mean that she actually copied Truman Capote's style down to the last detail. so yeah, it's probably better to assume that Truman actually did her a favour & penned it for her.

if it's any constellation to ya Halloween Hot Sauce...there;s a special place in hell for these people. most of them are in hell even while still alive, lost in the continuous soundtrack of their sleepless nights. serves em right.

here's a oscar wilde once said.."be yourself, everyone else is taken."

p.s..dear catfishers
you fall into this SAME stealing category as well. please stop spending long tedious hours of trying to snap the perfect selfie of yourself that looks NOTHING like you do in REAL life so you can post it online & dupe people. so sad.