Friday, December 16, 2016

Begging For Candy


Jay's Shadow said...

AHHHHH! Begging for candy has retuned! Happy day!

And you can have some oozing red stuff just slightly coming out the seams of the box.

swampbilly said...

BFC is back!!!!!! Best Christmas gift ever.
Thanks Rot, those tricker treaters really know how to make me grin.
Holy Water for the homeless! Hahahaha

girl6 said...

HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!!!! Yessssssssss...Welcome Back Boyos!!!..<33333333333333333333

"what's in the box"...HAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!!!.

Thank You..Rot..David Fincher & Bradley. : D

Willow Cove said...

With a little hair poking out of the seams!
Welcome back, Tots!

K.O. said...

Nice to see that BFC is back!!

Steven Blumke said...


Shingle Creek Manor said...

That was a LONG intermission! Love me some Beginning For candy!

Jeff said...


Merry freakin Christmas indeed!

The boys r back in town!