Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Mad Monster Party

Images by Elizabeth Rayne.


Rot said...

The pale blue and red in that last photo is the epitome of Old School Halloween.

Frankenrock said...

Wow great pictures. That first one and the dude coming out of the coffin are killer.

girl6 said...

Daggggg Man!!!!
Elizabeth Rayne is the Shizzzzzzzzzzzzzz
i just checked out her XXXmas stuff too & Man......that girl knows a Holiday. well, the type of Holiday i love at least..<333

girl6 said...

SO great when people share their cool pics with others, especially of a mutual love interest & Soooooooooooooo sad when the creepers come along & say, "hey, i really like that person's style, i think i'll cop it for my own & maybe i'll tweak it a little & maybe i won't, either way, i'll go to the exact same places they took pics & steal their angles, subjects & everything. and then when confronted, i'll be all bitter, silent...mealy-mouthed & play the victim, cause they figured out what i'm really all about"... : (

HAHAHAHAHAHA...mealy-mouth...that's the most perfect word pairing ever.