Saturday, May 13, 2017

William Friedkin's The Devil And Father Amorth

The documentary looks at how the exorcism in the movie compares to a real exorcism. The film’s title comes from the filmmaker’s ability to attend Father Gabiele Amorth’s ninth exorcism — it took place with an Italian woman who had been experiencing behavioral changes and “fits” that could not be explained by psychiatry; they became worse during Christian holidays.

Known as the “Dean of exorcists,” Father Amorth performed thousands of these rituals to rid evil from the human body. On the Italian woman, Father Amorth and the demon inside the woman began conversing in Latin, a language that the woman did not know.

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Jay's Shadow said...

This would be great to see.

Sara said...

Fr. Amorth was amazing. His books are intense and informative. Although after reading them you start to believe you,too,are possessed. Lol. I had a horrible nightmare two nights ago about actually being possessed. I've never had a dream like that before. It was so real I refused to be left in our room alone when I woke from it. Chills.....

Rot said...

that's funny...and horrible

I've had a few possession/devil dreams over the years.
always awful..and always so glad when i wake up.

girl6 said...

we tried looking for this & looks like it isn't available yet.
i REALLY wanna see it.