Saturday, January 6, 2018

The Entity Files: The Story Of Doris Bither

Yesterday, we watched this bonus feature on our dvd of the wonderful film The Entity.  Man, I forgot how creepy it was.  Fascinating and weird.  And AWFUL.

Found it on youtube...  Click below for some chills.


girl6 said...

i just checked this out. i hope this dude doesn't think he's a scientist. when something can't be proven, it's NOT science. just like the whole "string theory" can't be proven. so it's NOT science then. doesn't mean it doesn't exist..just means NO science. AND got the whole "quantum physics" theory which sorta goes hand in hand. cracks me up when people want to use it to prove the existence of God. HAHAHAHAH!!!! i think they're ALL missing the point. Galileo got it tho. & that's why he was convicted of heresy & spent time in prison like 2X i think. musta been so horrible for him to be that Brilliant & Enlightened..surrounded by a bunch of morons.

this Entity story..idk. like most of these stories, there's just SO much convenience. i believe in the paranormal..supernatural & otherwordly entities. & that belief is all the more reason for me to be skeptical. i got caught up in this story too like a lot of other people did & now it feels sorta hokey to me. & the original movie doesn't help with all that chocho bush action right up on the camera lens, ghostly breast exams, giant blobs of frozen ghost goo popping up afterwards. just feels sorta ridiculous to me now..rather than horrific.

honestly..i HOPE Barbara Hershey didn't feel forced into those scenes. because SO MUCH pressure is put on actors, especially female ones, to do the most bizarre & embarrassing things for a director's ego & or paycheck. it would make me sad to know if she felt pressured into doing those nude scenes. because honestly, i'm sure they were done for movie sales. i've always appreciated her & just hope she was ok with everything that happened wayyy back then. SO cool so see her on the X.files the other night.