Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Now Playing: Sinke Dus

Beautiful ambient music from Sinke Dus.


jay's shadow said...

thanks for posting this! this is the kind of stuff i am looking for and will be buying this cd

Rot said...

You should check out KAMMARHEIT on the same site. I have two of their albums and every track is a keeper.

HouseBloodthorn said...

Just picked this one up and it's great. A fine addition to the collection.

I know you like movie soundtracks as well and wanted to pass along a find, if you hadn't found it already. Check out the OST for "30 Days of Night" by Brian Reitzell. It's most definately not your ordinary horror movie score. I think you'll like it.



Rot said...

happy to report that i own 30 DAYS OF NIGHT and love it.

That first track when you see the ship out in the ice is amazing.