Sunday, January 18, 2009


More photos of the Death stalkaround costume from 2001.
My brother would hide in the shadows and then slowly walk up the neighbor's driveway towards trick or treaters.


JHMDF said...

How tall is your brother? Looks huge in the pics!

Rot said...

Six feet tall and he's looking out the ribcage in the chest it's about a foot and a half over him.

Pretty intimidating to the kids coming up for candy.

jay's shadow said...

as a kid, walking up to a 6 ft tall is impressive, but add another foot and a half in a costume.....aagghh!

The Captain said...

I always wondered what was up with the cloaked figure in the pictures, thought it was you. That's cool that your brother gets in on the act. I need some scaractors in my yard!