Sunday, May 3, 2009

Halloween Ham

One of those Love It or Hate It sort of things.

Watch the video.


Nev said...

Its decently written but suuuper annoying. Thing is he went through a lot of work to make that video including the writing but the acting for it is terrible. Terrible in the sense that is boring. Anyways, hate or love... uhhh... neither.

Rot said...

Yeah. I appreciated the thought behind it, but the guy should have just played it straight, and not gone the route of Shatner. said...

This was better than Halloweens 5 until the end.

The Captain said...

They rhymed some pretty crazy words.
Quite the skill set for a group of nerds.
I thought the lyrics they used were slick.
Although their delivery made me quite sick.

Pretty clever little song