Friday, May 22, 2009

Party Hats

From the talented Johanna Parker.


Johanna Parker said...

Thanks for the party hat mention!..... I was just checking my web stats and saw that several folks had clicked from your site to mine, so I looked you up! Seems like you have a year-long passion for October 31st as well..... :-)

~ Johanna

Rot said...

Absolutely : )

I own a wonderful jacko by your studio and love the piece and keep it out all year long.

Thanks for stopping by!

Johanna Parker said...

OH, that's cool!..... Hmm, I wonder which one you have... I've made so many..... !!!

Anyway, I'll add ya to my blog roll.... also swing by if you like for an original Halloween art giveaway.....

Happy Haunting...
~ Johanna

Rot said...

Here's the one I own:

Picked him up at Christmas Traditions.

Here he is in the background: