Monday, May 18, 2009


When I first saw this photo, I tried to imagine how creepy those figures would be at night. VERY neat to have all of those cloaked beings standing together. I thought, "Some kind of Coven making that headless guy stalk and suffer and terrorize." Then I clicked on the photo to save it and saw the file name: HeadBowling.jpg

I was WAYYYY off. .

Image source.


Kimmy said...

Yup, totally thought bowling as soon as I saw that picture. Do I win a prize? :D

Rot said...

Good job.

: )

Jason-v said...

Yeah that would very creepy at night.. gives me some ideas for this years haunt.

The Captain said...

I pictured myself standing amongst the black cloaked figures, with my own cloak and scream mask, waiting to jump out and freak out some trick r treaters!

JHMDF said...

I thought the same thing Captain.