Friday, May 29, 2009

Skull And Bone And Robots

I remember a long time ago emailing Rob at with an effusive email. I told him how much I dug his style and haunt and photography and everything. You could say we became good buds since then. Keeping tabs on what we're working on or what we'd like to be working on. Discussing our haunting approaches. Sharing plans or concepts, or the sort of bourbon I'm going to bring with me when/if I ever get out to the West coast to visit. Fun fun stuff.

Rob's a concept artist. And an amazing one. The sort of guy I've bragged to people about. He's worked on video games and done CG matte paintings for television and film. Most recently his team worked on TERMINATOR SALVATION, designing the character Marcus' face. He also did the concept work for the open chest cavity of Marcus, a charred head of a T600, and several matte paintings of a burned and devastated Los Angeles.

Nicest guy in the world. Humble too. I do believe I begged him to let me share this with the Halloween community.

Can't WAIT to see what's next.


bean said...

Wow. How cool is that? I am impressed. :) Do his talents know no end???

Rot said...

Apparently not ; ) said...

Holy crap. I saw the full-length trailer for Salvation and loved the way the Terminator/cyborg designs looked this time around.
Very cool you know this dude.

I do believe I will be seeing this movie this weekend now.

NecroBones said...

Awesome, I didn't know he worked in the industry. Makes sense, he seemed like a graphical artist in how he did his haunt pages.

The visuals in the new Terminator film were fantastic, particularly with regards to Marcus, I thought.

JHMDF said...

huh... that's probably the coolest thing I have heard in a while!

The Frog Queen said...

Wow, you are so cool and you know the coolest people! :)

From viewing all the aspects that he put into his haunt, it makes perfect sense. Seeing the movie on Monday. Can hardly wait.


joy said...

Here I sit on a very cool May night. It could almost be October. I can smell a fire burning near. I am looking at all this great talent and am jealous that I am not able to have a great haunt myself.
but..back to skull and bone.
is he ending his haunt?
I hope that he is just changing it.
I sure hope that you are not going any where for a while.
Thank you for being you.

Rot said...

: )
I'll be around for a long long time.

JHMDF said...

Just saw the movie last night and it was pretty damn good... best part were all the different terminators. He did a very good job!

NecroBones said...

@joy: Yes, Skull&Bone closed down the Miss Rose haunt last year. I'm hoping he'll do something new, even if it's more low-key.

Love Manor said...

Very cool, the special FX for the movie were very well done.

Johnny Love
Caretaker of

Ghostsoldier said...

The Terminator series being my all-time favorite sci-fi franchise, I was stoked to hear that you know the guy responsible for helping create the latest chapter in the are truly lucky, Rot!

Grim said...

Rob is a really cool guy. I've only contacted him through e-mail a few times, but he was always willing to help me figure something out or share info on how he does things.

I'm hoping to see a new haunt sometime too, his was truly one of the best.