Monday, July 6, 2009

Rusty Nails

I always liked the idea of an elaborate Halloween feast. Many courses of peculiar foods and atypical flavors. Not talking about stuff you'd see on Martha Stewart where things are shaped like witch fingers or eyeballs, and certainly not like the banquet meal in TEMPLE OF DOOM. Just something that a fine chef would prepare if tasked with making something dark and different for All Hallows Eve. And I certainly wouldn't want to be the one whipping something like that up... I'd rather just get a mysterious invitation sealed with a drop of black wax.

I can help with the wine part. Pinotage. A while back, I bought a bottle based on a creative write-up at the end of an aisle in a Wine & Spirits shop. Really peculiar taste. Almost smoky. And darn good. Did a little research and found that it's had a bit of a time getting to the U. S. and has had its share of criticism - the best being that it's "hot and horrible" and that it tastes like "rusty nails."

It now has quite a following, even sporting Pinotage Clubs and Societies.

I'm thinking it should probably be served at elaborate Halloween Feasts everywhere.

Some information.

Here's the one I buy.

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Sara said...

But doood, baby snakes coming out of a huge mother snake!??! And chilled Monkey Brains!? One word: YUM.

The Captain said...

I struggle with trying to make something cool, delicious, and Halloweeny every year, and in my mind I fail to meet my expectations of a Halloween meal each year.

This year were having a party the night before, so the pressure is on big time to come up with creative fare!

Thanks for the wine suggestion