Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Growing up with my sister (four years my senior) was pretty awful. It seemed every horrible thing a sibling could do to you was done to me (and my bro) by my sister. We were doomed. She locked us in closets. She stuffed us in a large toy box the size of a coffin and sat on it. She'd steal and mutilate our stuffed animals. And she tormented our pets.

Bugs. I remember the first time I saw a cicada shell. A little robotic hollow bug suit, left on the side of a tree. My sister grabbed it and stuffed it down the back of my shirt (making sure she smashed it first). I ran as though she threw lighter fluid on me. And I can remember trying to outrun my sister as she closed in from behind pinching a daddy longlegs between her fingers. Down the back of my shirt it went.

He was probably more scared than I was, though I doubt it.

A long time ago on a weekend before Halloween, there was a Halloween party at the house of one of my sister's friends. It was a few houses away from our house and my mother, for some horrific reason, insisted that my sister take her two brothers along. Teenagers doing teenager stuff and two small kids getting in the way. I remember wearing a plastic Mickey Mouse mask - but where Mickey is doing the Wizard gig. Some of the older kids started to pick on me. Can't remember the details, but they were taking advantage of the Halloween setting and telling me things in an attempt to scare me. And it was working. I'm glad I was wearing a mask, because I'm pretty sure the whimpering started, much to their pleasure.

Enter Bug Lady. Turns out my sister saw this and was pretty angry. She let them have it. And they apologized.

Still doesn't make up for the bug torture.

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The Frog Queen said...

Spider down the shirt is the highest form of torture in my book.....I would have killed her, as soon as I regain consciousness. Glad you both survived your childhood :)


jay's shadow said...

i never and an older brother or sister to torture me. but my cousin or father made all that up fpr me. things like my cousin would tell me while we were eating spaghetti that it was actually bloody worms and my father just plain old loved scaring the dcrap out of me basically the whole month of october!

and people wonder why i am like i am now....

Grim said...

Another great one for the book that I hope you write one day.

Sara said...

On behalf of ALL sisters of little brothers 4 years our minor, you probably deserved most of what you got ;).