Monday, March 8, 2010

Fright Night Remake

Been hearing about this for a while now. I dread the thought of this being touched by modern-Hollywood hands, but it looks like it's going to happen.

As Peter Vincent said in the original film when his television show was cancelled:
“Nobody wants to see vampire killers anymore, or vampires either. Apparently all they want are demented madmen running around in ski masks hacking up young virgins.”
And we definitely do NOT want to see Twilight-style vampires either.


Acorn said...

Roddy MacDowell WAS Fright Night. All these horror remakes are wearing thin - where's the imagination?

Der Krampus said...

yeah, this is getting downright depressing. There is actually more than enough talent in and around these Halloween/horror themed blogs to right a story or a script in a collaborative manner....hmmmm

Black Friday said...

Well we knew this was going to happen eventually...I hope it turns out to be one of those remakes that aren't actually too bad (Dawn Of The Dead, The Hills Have Eyes) and hopefully not one of those that just completely suck (Halloween, The Fog).

GhoulishCop said...

Which is why it's so surprising Trick 'r Treat didn't get a wide theater release, albeit it wasn't about vampires.

Still, it had an original plot, great acting, stunning Halloween visuals, and was an all around thoroughly enjoyable movie.

Maybe the recent The Wolfman movie will help studios go for more classic style monsters than stylized monsters. Although I thought Wolfman was okay (maybe better than okay, just not great), it's success may help studios realize we don't need the kids from the O.C. to star here. Roddy McDowell definitely wouldn't have fit in with the O.C. cast.


Otaku said...

I agree with the "Twilight" vampires assessment. I watched part of the movie the other day, and didn't get the romantic aspect at all. Maybe it's just me - my wife says the books are pretty good, but then she watches a lot of soap operas, too. Vampires may sometimes have a charming demeanor (re Bela Lugosi's Dracula and King's Kurt Barlow), but in the end they're still gonna bite your throat.
Vampires see humans as prey; we are their food source. Having a romantic relationship with a human would be kind of like falling in love with a cow - or if you're vegan, a cauliflower.

And yes, Roddy McDowall IS Peter Vincent.