Thursday, July 1, 2010



The Frog Queen said...

Do I admit it....yeah, I loved that movie. :) Sparkels and all. :D


Rot said...

We own this one.
I love Excalibur.
The dead frozen skeletal knight stuck in the kneeling position forever. The tree of dead knights...being picked by crows.

The music...

Love it all.

Steve said...

There's no other movie quite like it, is there? It's pretty much as epic as when I saw it as a kid. The part where Arthur kneels to be knighted is as powerful a moment as any in film history, IMO.

Rot said...

The moment Arthur drinks from the grail and prepares for the ride through the countryside... amazing.

"Knights! Squires!...." as the music slowly builds.

Carmina Burana....dang.

Rot said...

I keep forgetting to mention Merlin.

WHAT a performance.

NoahFentz said...

THE VOICE of Merlin!!

Anonymous said...

It was the first movie i bought on DVD. I had to have it as my old VHS was very worn!!