Sunday, August 1, 2010

Eye Holes

If a child ever came up for candy wearing any one of these, I'd dump everything I had into their bag and put up a "sorry, fresh out" sign.

I hope vintage style masks make a comeback.

Image by Brechtbug.


Callie said...

I'm old enough to remember store shelves being filled with boxes that contained one plastic mask and a plastic costume. I distinctly remember my Wonder Woman one. I loved it beyond the telling of it.

I do so wish they'd bring them back.

Rot said...

Same here (about the remembering - not the wonder woman mask)...

I remember holding a Batman box like it was the only one in the world. Batman for a night.
Candy at the end of it.
Halloween is bliss.

That weird red, white, and black mask in the top pic - the female below the skull, on the bottom row - we had that for years. I remember my dad wearing it once as a joke to go down to visit his mother. She opened the door and started yelling "GET OUT OF HERE! GET OUT OF HERE!!!" And you could hear my dad laughing saying "Ma! It's ME! IT'S ME!!" but he wouldn't take the mask off, so she kept yelling "GET OUT OF HERE!!!"

GhoulishCop said...

I remember these too! I recall one of my being very similar to the last one in the first picture. It even creeped me out. Bring back those simpler days!


NoahFentz said...

I remember wearing a Casper the friendly Ghost mask as a child of the late 60's.

Acorn said...

I can remember the feel of these masks and the way they would smell when you'd wear them. The way the elastic band would snap against the back of your head when you put it on. I can remember being Yoda . . and Pee-Wee. I always thought it was weird how some of them would have a picture of the character's face on the plastic smock, when you already had the mask on - haha! Also, I was always jealous of the kids who could afford a rubber mask (especially the furry werewolves).

Cabrina said...

I totally remember the smell too. And the way you thought the crappy plastic outfit, that tied in the back, transformed you when you put it on. It would be split open by the time I got done running the streets that night.

I think there is still a picture of my floating around when I wore a tiger costume, came in the box with the plastic window in the top so you could see it.

My sisters and I went one year as a family of scarecrow, homemade costumes, and I wore my dad's broken down, crushed, straw cowboy hat. We went up to the one door and the guy offered me the whole bowl of candy for the sweat stained hat. I looked back at my dad like, "Pleeeeease??" He slowly shook his head with a "Don't you DARE!" look on his face.

It's a business deal gone wrong I will never forget. LOL

Ray Lukard said...

Walgreens used to sell retro style facemasks, though they were foam. I don't know if they're around this year

Jerem Morrow said...

2nd pic. 2nd row down. 2nd from right. I have one. It's rubber and was sold somewhat recently at a Dollar Store. Snatched it up, along with a Drac and witch my goblins have somehow since misplaced. Great stuff.