Monday, August 9, 2010

Open Letter To Yankee Candle

Dear Yankee Candle,
Yesterday I sniffed your All Hallow's Eve scent for the first time. Midnight Jasmine and Evening Air? Really? Come on. I remember your Halloween scent from over ten years ago - a dark creepy scent of licorice and clove. It was amazing. Now I realize most people don't dig black licorice, so I'm perfectly fine with you fusing two existing scents to come up with something mainstream. But Midnight Jasmine and Evening Air? Really? And to call it All Hallow's Eve - blasphemous.

I'd like to suggest the following combinations for future Halloweens:

Fireside and Harvest

Apple Cider and Cinnamon & Sugar

Creamy Caramel and Pumpkin Pie

or even

Patchouli and Spiced Orange (It's even black and orange!)

Just trying to help. Seriously.


PS...And don't tell me 'That's what we sell votives for! Make your own!' because it's just not the same.


ShellHawk said...

I still much prefer Dark Candles to Yankee Candles for a good scent that's not cloying.

Rot said...

yep. I agree.

Currently waiting for some clove tea lights and the halloween pack from Darkcandles.

Can't wait.

The Undertaker: said...

WELL SAID!!! (although I did buy one of the Trick-or-Treat candles for my wife so she could have a "Halloween" candle to go with my 20 Witches Brew votives) I hope she just displays it.

The Frog Queen said...

It truely is a sad state of affairs is it not.

Yes, they are definately "helping" Dark Candles business :)


Mantan Calaveras said...

For a minute, I thought of ordering one of those, but it did seem a bit sheisty.

Personally, I've always liked the natural odors of Halloween. Rotting leaves, smoke on the wind, charred pumpkin flesh, burning beeswax or paraffin. The musty smell of rubber masks, and painted cloth, and archaic paper cats and skeletons, emerging from the steamer trunk in the studio.

Think I'm gonna order those special edition kits from Dark Candles though.

Anonymous said...

Are you suprised? Yankee Candle is targeted to soccer moms, elderly church ladies, etc. Which is fine...I love alot of their products.
Expecting them to put out a mass marketed scent suitable for wierdo home/yard haunters is madness...madness I tell you.
ps I am a wierdo and I save dead bugs for Halloween...I never kill, only collect.

Rot said...


A very long long time ago they had a scent called falling a deep incense and burning leaves smell...bright red in color...I still have a tiny sample of it. They have the potential for weird scents alongside their soccer mom scents...

Though you're probably right.

Anonymous said...

No, you are always right...I just know lots of candle buyers and no way in Hades would any of them buy a candles that wasn't cupcakey or perfumey or sweet fruity.
However, if you are a fan of "The Office," you would know that Jan Levinson Gould makes and markets and a "Bonfire" candle...and those candles are actually foe sale of the NBC office website. Cheers!

The Undertaker: said...

Bath and Body works has a Fall scent named "Leaves" that, to me at least, really does smell like you just jumped into a big pile of freshly raked leaves. They have little black fragrance dispersion fans too. Just throwing that out there.

Vintage Seance said...

Nice! This is so awesome and inspiring! It's all about those autumn scents!

Jessica said...

Check out Laughing Out Loud Candles (online.) Although their website is a little cutesy, their fall scents are awesome.

Anonymous said...

Good...somebody needed to tell them.

Is the mask in your new banner The Nightmare Man?

Christina said...

I just discovered your blog and I absolutely LOVE it!!!!! Currently reading all the way to the beginning :)

Rot said...

Welcome, Christina.
So glad you dig. : )

That mask is actually a Nemesis from the now folded Cemetery Gate Productions mask company.

K.O. said...

AMEN. I've never smelled the old Yankee "Halloween," but I liked "Witches' Brew" a lot.
Check out Root Candles' "Illuminoir Warm Vanilla Hallow's Eve"--it looks promising. Here's the description from their site:
"Mysterious warm vanilla mixes with the hynotic essence of anise root and black licorice bringing to mind the chilled air of late October when children run through neighborhoods leaving trails of candy in their wake. As the evening ends the anise vanilla warm to dark woods and winter musk. It’s a haunting fragrance like no other.. "

Rot said...

That actually sounds pretty darn good, K.O.