Tuesday, October 5, 2010

AMC Fearfest 2010 Lineup

The annual tradition of AMC's Fearfest. All this AND The Walking Dead? Awesome.

Among a vast library of horror favorites, AMC Fearfest will present premieres of the following:
House of Wax debuting Oct. 22, 10PM | 9C
Dead Silence debuting Oct. 23, 12 :30PM | 11:30C
28 Days Later debuting Oct. 24, 8PM | 7C
Jeepers Creepers 2 debuting Oct. 24, 10 :30PM | 9:30C
From Dusk Till Dawn debuting Oct. 30, 8PM | 7C
Evil Dead II debuting Oct. 30, 10PM | 9C
Dawn of the Dead debuting Oct. 31, 8PM | 7C

In addition to the AMC Premiere events, AMC Fearfest will feature horror favorites from the vintage to the contemporary including :
Friday the 13th parts 1-9 airing together for the first time, in celebration of the franchise's 30th Anniversary airing primetime, Oct. 18-22
Halloween I-V airing primetime, Oct. 25-27
• Stephen King classics Cujo, Pet Sematary, The Shining, Sleepwalkers and Graveyard Shift airing throughout the day on Oct. 9
Night of the Living Dead (1968), Frankenstein (1931), Dracula (1931), The Wolf Man (1941), and many others

Throughout AMC Fearfest, the network will feature conversations between celebrated horror filmmakers including Darabont and award-winning makeup artist Greg Nicotero (The Walking Dead, Inglorious Bastards); Wes Craven (A Nightmare of Elm Street, Scream 3) and Mick Garris (Batteries Not Included, Hocus Pocus) and more. Each pair will talk candidly about their experience with the genre and what it takes to make a great horror film.

AMC Fearfest will profile new and upcoming filmmakers and actors who are creating waves in and transforming the horror genre. Included are Shawnee Smith (actress, Saw), James Gunn (director/writer, Slither), and Alexandra Aja (director, The Hills Have Eyes), among others. "New Blood" segments airs throughout the primetime AMC Fearfest movies.

Airing during AMC Fearfest, the network will feature a series of ten comedic shorts, which showcase two fanboys parodying horror film classics from Friday the 13th and Pet Sematary to The Shining and Halloween.

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Jon Glassett said...

Orange tears of joy streaking my jack-o-lantern face.

Thank you, AMC.

ShellHawk said...

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH! *doppler effect as ShellHawk runs all over the house, dancing with joy* AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAaaaaaaaaaaAHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!


AMC rocks, unlike Martha's Best of Halloween mag this year.

Yay AMC! I hope my DVR has enough space!

Mantan Calaveras said...

There's a ton of great stuff on Tcm this month too. Showing a lot of classic Hammer, Corman, William Castle, delicious and trashy.

Also some real quality horror too. If you haven't seen "The Haunting", "Curse of the Demon", "I Walked With a Zombie", "Mad Love" they are all viscerally affecting.

Arsenic and Old Lace, heh heh, so classic.

Necropolis said...

Awesome line up. Thanks for posting the info.

Anonymous said...

TCM ran a great F.W. Murnau silent this past Sunday night- "Phantom." So creepy & atmospheric for this Halloweeniac.

Really looking forward to watching "Arsenic & Old Lace" again. Peter Lorre plus Raymond Massey doing his best Boris Karloff impression- what's not to love?

Kevin said...

I miss the "MonsterFest" days,when they would show a lot of the Universal Monsters and Godzilla movies. They do have a pretty strong lineup this year though.

stone said...

Thank you for posting - will be sharing and keeping the list for my own viewing pleasure.

Sara said...

I'm offended that AMC is showing House of Wax on my birthday--LAAAAME. House of Wax SUUUUUUCKS.

lol. That is all.

No it isn't. I love the other shows they are offering and can't wait to see the Wes Craven stuff.

Also, sort of off topic, I'm totally excited for Scream 4. I wish they'd do some Scream 4 Behind the Scenes stuff on AMC,but I guess it is still too early...

Anyway, I'm excited for most of these movies. :) Yay.

Sara said...

Oooooh, and Arsenic!!!! I love that movie. Cary Grant is hilarious. Such a great film. Great Halloween icons throughout the beginning of it.