Thursday, November 10, 2011

Fitcher's Bird And Other Tales Of The Macabre

Click below for some really wonderful folk tracks by Forest Mountain Hymnal.

Jack of the Lantern is pretty sweet.


Emjay Girling/ Seeing Things Art Apothecarium said...

After a long day of slogging away at my desk it was great to find your post and listen to Rebecca's clear haunting voice! My favorite has to be Fitcher's Bird, love the "conversation" between the two voices. Thanks for the link, really enjoyed it!

Marrow said...

VERY cool! I love Jack of the Lantern!

I scrolled through your 'songs' tags and found a song called Worms by Lolly Jane Blue. I've never heard of her, but her music sounds quite a bit like the amazing Florence + the Machine. My favourite band.

Here is a link to the darkest, creepiest song off her incredible new album (all the youtube videos had the pitch shifted).