Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Dear Hollywood:

You know, it's ok if you hire average-looking actors and have costumes which aren't skin-tight.
Remember the first Alien film?

Trust me on this.



ShellHawk said...

"In space, no one has a bad hair day."

Rot said...

That's pretty awesome.

Anonymous said...

We will see... we will see... not diggin' it so far.

Jay's Shadow said...

Will it be any good without the Giger touch? It won't be the same, and I really hope they are not calling it a sequel to Aliens....


This gives me a warm tingly feeling inside...high hopes for this film..and as a reminder...Sigourney was pretty hot in the last scene of ALIEN when she stripped out of her clothes to battle the alien on the's hoping Ridley got this one right also!

FoolishCop said...

Most sequels/prequels typically suck to begin with, but you gauge the level of suckiness by how much they pretty up the cast.

If, as you point out here, they have to have hot female and male actors in skin tight costumes, then you know the storyline is DOA and they're going to try and bring in the 13-16 yr old crowd with eye candy.

The other is bringing in the Marines. I love me some leathernecks, but as soon as they trot them out in a film -- ahem, Aliens [2] -- you know the plot is going to be lame.

I'm already writing this one off.


Anonymous said...

Just playing Devil's Advocate here: Think of the crew of the Nostromo as low-rung, high-school educated, blue-collar working drones and having to get by on clunky, out-of-date equipment and hand-me-down spacesuits. But the crew of Prometheus are the highly trained, highly educated and recruited scientists that represent The Company's brightest. Therefore, THEY get the top-of-the-line equipment and spacesuits etc. ;-)