Monday, November 28, 2011

The Halloween Vortex

I'll never tire of this effect.

Click below:


wicKED said...

I love the vortex effect also. I think that the Haunted Overload had the coolest one so far.

Terrormaster said...

The vortex is one of the best effects ever. And it's a fairly easy build. I've never been able to get the full effect out of mine because of wind disrupting my fog.

I love Haunted Overload but I think this one wins just because of of the crank ghost in the middle of the vortex. Too bad blue lasers don't have as good range as the green because thats the only way to top it.

Rot said...

Blue WOULD look pretty neat.

I also like the Haunted Overload vortex due to its placement within a giant mouth. Seems like that's a great way to control the fog as well.

Terrormaster said...

Yeah, I'm considering running mine inside the garage in 2012 to help contain the fog. My only concern is fog coming into the house since our garage is connected to the house. I remember in 2010 I had a fog pipe running along the side of the house. But apparently one of my basement windows doesn't seal closed very well and fog was in the basement. It wasn't dense, but hazy and still packed the swamp scent I had Froggy's add in.

The Gill-Man said...

I really must add this effect someday. It's incredibly effective...such a perfectly creepy visual