Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Ephemeral Folk Figures

Some more images from the amazing book I mentioned before by Avon Neal and Ann Parker, exploring the folk art nature of scarecrows, harvest figures, and snowmen.

It felt kinda wrong scanning images from their book, so I snapped some photos instead (and they look creepier and cooler that way). 

I'll be posting more in the coming weeks.
Gotta spread em out.


Willow Cove said...

Awesome! I noticed the moon is in the background of the first one. And the hair flowing in the wind is a
Nice touch. Nice paper Skeley, and the "husky" fellow in the chair would definitely stop me in my tracks.

Rot said...

The skeleton one and some other images from the book seem right out of the title credits of Halloween IV: The Return of Michael Myers. I bet the production crew had this old book as inspiration...the gloved crossed scarecrow, the tree ghost, the pumpkin-headed scarecrow in the tractor, and the skeleton on the door - all images right out of this book.

Amy said...

Beat me to it Rot, totally Halloween 4! If they used that book as inspiration, it explains we the opening is so perfect. What year did you say the book was from? Did they re stage the photos, or do you think they are production photos from the film?

The first pic is epic!

Rot said...

Here are the actual photos from the intro..slight differences..totally used the book as inspiration.


ShellHawk said...

I admit it. Rot took over my brain and made me hunt down this book on Amazon.

It's waiting for me to have a spare minute to peruse it. I hear its pages rustling, teasing me... I will succumb soon...

K.O. said...

These images are incredible!

Gwen Grimm said...

The simple cross one with the shirt thing on it scares me the most. If I stumbled acrossed a few of those in a field in the middle of nowhere, I'd hightail it outta there as fast as I could.

Rot said...

I know what you mean.

A field of them would be very unsettling.

Marrow said...

I can't believe this even exists.
Just so happy for you.

jeff said...

Got to find this book. Amazing imagery.

girl6 said...

ohhhh wOw...that first pic!!!.
wait....is that lil dude wearing a mask!?!?!?!?.OMG..LOVVVVVVVVE.
& a slivery glimpse of the moon Too..Epic, swooooon.

Ohhhh & the Pumpkin one!!!!...so Beautifully Classic!...:):):)

You know books like this, always make me wonder.
i imagine them, wayyyy back in the day, New & sitting & the shelf for sale..i wonder how many people owned them & how they ended up where they did...such a Journey.

& ShellHawk..You totally cracked me up!!!!..hahahaha..
You Goooooo Gurrrrl.. : D

i found one sorta like this, a few years back, called.."Scarecrows".
it was just sitting in the window of the Free Library's, used bookstore, "Book Corner".
BEST $2 i EVER spent!..<3333333

Rot said...

Get this: This book was around ten bucks and IT WAS AUTOGRAPHED BY THE AUTHOR AND PHOTOGRAPHER.

Who would let that go for cheap?

And I ordered Scarecrows...by the same people..waiting for its arrival..so funny you own it.
It has a garden scarecrow on the cover...

girl6 said...

& imagine how much that woulda gone for on Ebay!?!?...YOWZA!!!.

& You guys found Scarecrows!!!!..
i LOVE it's cover of the garden scarecrow too---just sooo Sweet!!!.

i Gotta find this one NOW,..so i can have the set..Yayyyyy

Autumnleaf said...

Confession....my copy of EFF just arrived. Lol! If books could talk (well, they do, sort of) Inside it has "DISCARDED" stamped in bold red letters and underneath that "property of Ten Sleep Library". Anyone ever heard of Ten Sleep, Wyoming? When I opened it some pressed flowers fell out.