Thursday, September 5, 2013

Satanic High Priest

The makings of another great prop by corpseinc.

And just for the sport of it, here's a list of the High Priests from the Church of Satan, past and present:
Anton LaVey — Founder & High Priest 1966–1997
Diane Hegarty — Co-Founder & High Priestess 1966–1984
Zeena LaVey - High Priestess and Public Spokesperson 1985-1990

Blanche Barton — Anton's Assistant, High Priestess 1997–2002
Peter H. Gilmore — High Priest 2001 – Present 
Peggy Nadramia — High Priestess 2002 – Present

Click here for more photos of corpseinc's work.


Amy said...

Cool stuff, and I love that desk he made.

Where was that barn party? Looks awesome.

Steve Ring said...

Looks like it was modeled after Robert Cummings.

Adam said...

nice beard

Pam Morris said...

wonderfully creepy--really like the succubus he made as well.