Sunday, May 11, 2014

The Dreams In The Witch House

As the scene grew clearer he saw the ancient crone bend forward and extend the empty bowl across the table - and unable to control his own emotions, he reached far forward and took it in both hands, noticing as he did so its comparative lightness. At the same moment the disgusting form of Brown Jenkin scrambled up over the brink of the triangular black gulf on his left. The crone now motioned him to hold the bowl in a certain position while she raised the huge, grotesque knife above the small white victim as high as her right hand could reach. The fanged, furry thing began tittering a continuation of the unknown ritual, while the witch croaked loathsome responses.

H.P. Lovecraft

Image by Ethan Black.
Text source.


skroode said...

They did this on Masters of Horror. It wasn't perfect, but just seeing a version of a "real" Brown Jenkin was enough to leave me with mental scarring.

Terrormaster said...

Lovecraft has always been a great inspiration to nearly everything I do. I've always wanted to theme my display around the mythos. I don't get why so many haunters are afraid of or shy away from tackling Lovecraft as source material or as a theme for their haunt. I always hear the same thing over an over "the mythos is unfilmable nor can it be adapted into a haunt. his creations are so indescribable that no one can build a prop based on it. and no one would get it if you did because its only YOUR interpretation."

I think those who think that way miss the entire point. And its not like you have to build a to-scale Cthulhu or something (although I bet the folks over at Haunted Overload could pull it off). It's the spirit of it that counts. There are just things that are "Lovecraftian". Those who get it get - cool. Those who don't it doesn't really matter as long as whatever it is terrifies the living bejesus out of them.

It's the same reason I avoid using licensed horror characters in my display. I want to do things people haven't seen before. I've created my own mythos for my haunt and not once have I ever had someone ask "what's that supposed to be?" It was enough to just be scary. One doesn't have to stick strictly to mythos. Ethan Black's Keziah and Jenkins in this post is a PERFECT example. One could build an entire walkthrough around Curwen's Necropolis.

Mr Black said...

Woo! Thanks for posting my picture!

The Quirk Shop said...

I'm well acquainted with the spooky artistry of Ethan Black. He's nothing short of amazing, and to be honest, photos do not do his work justice. They are best viewed in person, after the sun dips below the horizon and the shadows come out to play.

We were honored to feature some of his life-size sculptures (including his latest, Brown Jenkin) at our Halloween haunt party in 2013. SUPER CREEPY! And, ahh, the joys of hearing our guests scream as they happened upon it on our 'Walk in the Haunted Woods!'

Ellie Gee