Thursday, May 15, 2014

Never Sleep Again

Haven't watched this one happy to see that it's been added to Netflix's Instant films.  Going to be watching this over the weekend.


Sara said...

Instant films. Is that when you don't have to wait to watch them?

Steve Ring said...

I find 4 to be the most visually interesting, New Nightmare the most conceptually interesting. Never been a fan of the franchise overall, though. Not sure why. Maybe it's all Freddy's wisecracking. Kinda kills the mystery.

I had a nightmare about being stalked by Freddy once but for some reason he had mummy bandages over his clothes.

Rot said...

you can stream it and watch it on your computer as opposed to waiting for it to be mailed as a dvd through one of their subscription packages...we have a bluray player that is magically linked to our netflix we can watch it on our tv..i have no idea how that was set up..i'm too old to understand that stuff...bean handles those things. I just enjoy the magic.
I think we pay something wonderful like 8 bucks a month...they have a TON of things available for instant watching.

Rot said...

steve, that's hilarious.
I only really dig the first Nightmare. He was truly scary.

HalloweeNut said...

God Bless Netflix, friend to movie fans everywhere!

Steve Ring said...

Yeah, I guess the first movie had the pure unrefined Freddy. Loved the opening credits. Haven't seen it in so long I forget what I didn't like about it.

Rot said...

: )

I could never get into Jason.
I don't think I've ever watched more than ten minutes of all of those films combined.

Though I did watch Freddy vs Jason and found it fun...beings "fun" was all those two characters had left.

Would LOVE to see another Freddy...but pure terror.

Steve Ring said...

I agree completely! I always liked the idea of F13 but the execution was pitiful. And Freddy vs. Jason was a feast for the eyes.

Rot said...

Sara said...

^ I miss that show. Lol @ the blonde 80's dude screaming. I wish they made fun tv shows like this again. Although I will say it seems 80's horror served a purpose. Now, our world is truly horrific, so who needs campy horror tv shows?

Jeff said...

Thanks for the heads up man! I would have to say, Freddy rekindled my love of horror in Cravens original, which is in my top 5 all time because of the memories. Inspired a number of makeup attempts, a few gloves and at least one basement/furnace room haunt at my church. I was pretty hyped when they first floated the reboot idea, hoping for a very dark reinvention and it did have a dark tone to it, but I didn't love it. It's never a good thing when I leave a theater thinking I could've envisioned a better realization of a character.

girl6 said...

this looks like a fun watch.
i really enjoyed "new nightmare", it's just so clever & sinister.

speaking of tv (horror).
i so loved "friday the 13-sereies"
it had such an awesome premise for a weekly show.
it's such a treat to own it on dvd.

Rot said...

Happy to report that I watched every single episode of that series...and couldn't agree more.

Great premise.

girl6 said...

yes, such a Great show.

how about, tiny, sarah polley, starring in the very 1st episode..hahahahha..omg, she's so tiny, a wee wisp.

oh & the lon chaney, make up kit episode, the sponge needs blood for micki's love, to stay young & beautiful.

good grief!..they're all so Wonderful.