Friday, February 19, 2016

Begging For Candy


Adam said...

I've never thought this. But from now on the fact that the moon isn't named Titan is going to piss me off every time i look at it

girl6 said...

haha & Gorgeous too!!

hmmmm...what would Galileo say?
there's an ep of dr. who with 5 mooons.

Willow Cove said...

I've always thought that too. It needs a name and a story. "Legend tells of how the ancients fought back the visitors and exiled them to the moon. From there, they watch us!"

The Creeping Cruds said...

Don't know how accurate it is but I was told in school that our moon's name is Luna.
I just looked that up and apparently it's also called Selene.
Obviously all different words for "moon"..
MOON that spells moon.

girl6 said...

in ancient times the moon was thought to be female, then over time she became thought of as being male, 'old man moon". i see both sides, but tend to feel him as being male. either way, the moon is magical, filled with secrets.

& once upon a time the word lunatic had a way different meaning then it does today. now, it's viewed in a negative light. so sad, ALL the loveliness that is lost over time. lost to all the mundane souls who have forgotten how to dream or just don't care. SO sad.

"moonstruck" is sucha sweet & crazy little movie, where the moon plays a wonderful character, so full of mystery & mischief. LOVE it!! much.<3